The Cardinali family has built its credibility as a reliable entrepreneur over the years.
The seriousness of the board is expressed through:
  • the fulfilment of the declared promise
  • economic soundness
  • transparency


The profound entrepreneurial experience of founder Vito Cardinali first, and his son Stefano today, has always been combined with the desire to innovate and discover new solutions for a winning business. Continuous investment in research and development goes in this direction and today allows Cardinali Holding S.p.A. to be a solid business actor capable of generating not only economic but also social value.


A strong focus on sustainability led to the creation of the Podere Vito Cardinali farm, an expression of the group's real commitment to supporting the environmental cause. A vision more relevant than ever that translates into various concrete activities to support and enhance the territory, from sponsoring green projects to implementing production processes that start with respect for the earth.


"The company belongs to the people who work in it." With this philosophy Vito Cardinali founded the family business, a vision that aims at valuing employees and making them part of its success. A stimulating working environment where training and professional development are an integral part of the daily experience of the Group's almost 200 employees.

The logo

The choice of the monogram on the side of the Cardinali Holding S.p.A. logo is a tribute to Morro d'Alba and to the Cardinali family's bond with the Marche region of origin. The image reproduces a view of the famous "Scarpa", the village's ancient stone walkway, which overlooks the surrounding countryside and from which, on clear days, the sea can be seen in the distance.