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CPC Inox Founded in 1976, CPC Inox is today an established player in the Italian and international markets. Speed, Punctuality and Quality are the pillars that characterise the company. From Cardinali Holding S.p.A. CPC Inox absorbs the values of reliability, thanks to its in-depth experience in the steel sector, innovation, with constant investment in state-of-the-art machinery, local sustainability, and attention to corporate welfare, with staff training and development programmes. In France and Germany, the company operates through its sales subsidiaries CPC Inox France and CPC Inox Deutschland.


CPC Inox A.D. Tubi was founded in 1997 and specialises in the production of welded stainless steel, 6 Moly, duplex, super-ferritic steel, and tubes in nickel and titanium alloys for an extremely demanding market in the heat exchange industry and other applications such as power generation (including nuclear, solar and geothermal energy), oil & gas, desalination plants, chemical and petrochemical industry. The A.D. Tubi Group has two production plants - one in Casnate con Bernate (CO) and one in Siler City (North Carolina, USA). A dynamic company focused on product quality and reliability as well as excellent customer service.

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Podere vito Cardinali A concrete expression of the bond with Morro d'Alba and the commitment to upgrading the territory by creating value in society, the family farm was established in 2014 in Morro d'Alba (AN) with the aim of combining the production of excellent wines and extra virgin olive oils with the development of an idea of agricultural enterprise that is both ancient and modern.
The farm focuses on human relations, the countryside and work as an opportunity for individual fulfilment, paying particular attention to the environmental sustainability of production, so as to generate a healthy workplace for the community and respect the balance of nature.

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Cardinali Holding S.p.A Real Estate The Cardinali family owns all the real estate in which the family businesses operate, in Italy as well as in France, where it has made real estate investments in the Lyon area.